About Copenhagen Running Festival

Welcome to a running festival filled with races and free social training in Copenhagen!

Denmark is a running country with more than 1.6 million runners, which is almost 1/3 of the entire population. In short: We love running. The Copenhagen Running Festival wants to show and share all the nuances of running in Copenhagen.

Once you have a partout ticket you will be able to choose freely between most of the events at the festival and get an insight in what the danish running scene has to offer in Copenhagen with a good and friendly atmosphere and networking with other fellow runners.

Get running after the holidays!
The many running events, that you can try during the festival has a normal price on up to 175 DKK per race if you buy them directly from the organizers, so there is plenty to save! And in edition you can get a good start after the holidays with a number of races, that you might normally would not do – also if it is your first time running an official run. The distances on the festivals races are between 5 kilometres to 12 kilometres so everybody can join in!

What you can experience
With a partout ticket in your hand you have a range of option of different running types and you can try on your running shoes in various locations. What the races all have in common is that they take place in beautiful Copenhagen. In between the runs there will be many free social trainingsessions where different clubs and associations will open their doors to show their community and spread their passion about running. As a participant you can also join a number of workshop and an inspiration day, where you can get a lot of inspiration and knowledge about running.

Celebrate running in Copenhagen and come join the festival!

The festival is taking a break in 2018!

Follow the festival on facebook.com/cphrunfest

Please note that all the events are in Danish and that we reserve the right to make changes to the program.

For general information contact the festival on info@cphrunfest.dk.
If you have questions regarding the tickets please contact support@cphrunfest.dk.

Facts about running in Denmark

Facts about Copenhagen Running Festival

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